When will your novel, Sidhe’s Call, be available for purchase as an eBook?

Right now on Amazon!

When will your novel, Sidhe’s Call, be available for purchase in paperback?

Right now you can purchase my book through Amazon for $10.99 + shipping. Find it at the same page as my ebook (listed above). Plus, you can bundle your shipping costs with other amazon.com purchases.

How do you pronounce “Sidhe”?

Shee — Most people know the word banshee. Sidhe is a celtic order, as it were, of faery folk. Bean Sidhe (or what I term in my books as Ban Sidhe) are a branch or type of Sidhe.

When will the second book be available for purchase? Where can I buy it?

Hidden Sidhe is currently available at Amazon in digital and paperback format. Unfortunately for fans, the Nook version will not be available until some time after April.

What are you currently working on?

The third book in the Keening Trilogy and a YA dystopian novel. I am also fiddling with short stories and trying to put those out into the mass media.

More FAQ to come!

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