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rising sidhe FINAL cover goodreads

Rising Sidhe; July 2013 Release; Cover courtesy of Sydney Richardson

Rising Sidhe (Keening Trilogy, #3)
A secret message from someone called “Breaker of Chains” has thrust Morgan back into the human world. Most Sidhe believed that The Chain of Constance—a fundamentalist faction of Ban Sidhe—was dissolved centuries ago. But for Morgan, their existence is far from over. Between the Chain’s three-spiraled talisman left at her mother’s last known location and a cryptic note from someone wanting to destroy the occult group, Morgan knows the Chain must be alive and well. But as she searches for answers about the mysterious note and her father’s disappearance, she is unsure of who to trust. In attempt to keep her friends close and her enemies closer, Morgan begins her final journey with the help of her kelpie friend, Hector, and her faultfinding sister, Branna. As she searches through secret tunnels and a haunted penitentiary, Morgan hopes to find answers. More importantly, will Morgan help break the Chain of Constance or will the Chain of Constance break her?
The final book of the Keening Trilogy is available through online retailers.


final livingstone font sidhes call cover

Sidhe’s Call (original release 2011); New 2013 Cover Courtesy of Sydney Richardson

Sidhe’s Call (Keening Trilogy, #1)


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“What do you think it’s like for them… as in… death?”

“Death?” The word slithered off the end of her tongue as if it was a filthy sock she held out with the tips of her fingernails. “They’re mortals, Morg.“ [. . .] ”Once you sing a soul to the Otherworld, you’ll see that keening is an important task, but not one with which we should become emotionally involved.”

Bound by duty, sixteen-year-old Morgan must begin forewarning human deaths. After all, that’s her job as a newly-appointed Ban Sidhe (banshee), a death caller. Conflicted when the Inner Ring—the elite group of ruling Sidhe—assigns a fifteen-year-old boy, Aidan Tanner, as her first death to keen on her road to adulthood, Morgan must make a critical decision. Will she help end such a young life or follow her instincts and refuse to make the call? And if that isn’t difficult enough, Morgan’s help is needed as the Sidhe and human worlds are about to face a crisis foretold in the Thousand-Year Sidhe Prophecy. With the lingering pain of her mother’s absence and the mystery of her father’s recent disapperarnce, the young Ban Sidhe feels lost. Aided only by her overly-critical twin sisters and an accentric seer, Morgan must confront her weaknesses and make the hardest decision of her life. Alone.

Aidan, on the other hand, is a seemingly average human teen who has to deal with his parents’ inexplicable red-eye drive from the Salt Lake Valley to Northern Idaho. While being away from his friends for Spring Break seems like torture enough, it is the recent discovery of his father’s secret that leaves him troubled. While struggling to keep his anger in check, Aidan finds that no matter how hard he tries to hold himself together, his once-simple life is splitting apart. But the more he discovers about his father’s family and history, the quicker he comes to understand that appearances are deceiving. Beyond that, Aidan doesn’t realize that a young Ban Sidhe is seeking to call his death.

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Hidden SidheThe Keening Trilogy (#2)


2013FINALLivingstone font hidden sidheCOVER copy

“Let go,” he whispered again, his face donning a welcoming smile.

Staring up into his dark eyes she cried out, and the drumming of her chest rose to full crescendo. Her torso heaved between the rows of sprouting rye. Suddenly, her body crashed one last time to the ground, and an explosion of pain ripped through her chest until she moved no more. 

Minutes later, he did not leave a shadow as he casually walked away from the still body, hands in pockets, and wooden pipe in mouth, leaving a thin trail of smoke in his wake. Mist retreated and the farmland fell silent, except for a low snicker echoing through the valley.

When Morgan and her twin sisters had secured the Northern Gateway to the Otherworld, they were certain that the breach had been contained. But now that young women are being found dead with their chests ripped open, the ruling Inner Ring requires Sidhe intervention to ensure that no creature from the Otherworld is on a rampage. Just when sixteen-year-old Ban Sidhe (banshee), Morgan, thought her life in Finias was going back to normal, the murders in southeastern Idaho pull her back into the bizarre human world. In order to fulfill her next step in the journey of becoming the next High Queen of the Ban Sidhe, Morgan must investigate the happenings in the small town of Lava Hot Springs. But as she struggles to attend high school and pretend to be human, can she forget her parents’ absence and focus on finding a mass murderer before he finds her?

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Novels in Progress

Life to 60 – In Progress. Young-adult dystopian novel. Editing back-burner.

Unbought Stuffed Dogs and Other Pretty Thoughts – YA 1990s realistic fiction – in progress of becoming amazing.

Short Stories

“The Basement Stage” – 2012 – Rooms: Writers in the Attic. Published by The Cabin – Log Cabin Books, Boise, Idaho. Selected by Cort Conley. http://www.thecabinidaho.org/

“Minute” – 2013 – Detour: Writers in the Attic. Published by The Cabin – Log Cabin Books, Boise, Idaho.

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