An Invitation to be Amazing

Legal-ish Disclaimer Type of Thingy: I do not own the rights to the words in this photograph, but I created the fan art presented in this photograph. However, I am using them for personal use and not for profit. The poem is originally written by Shel Silverstein and can be found all over the interwebs.


  • 16 x 20 stretched canvas
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paints (professional or crafters quality… whichever floats your boat)
  • Sparkly paint (clear base)
  • Sharpies (whatever colors you want – no one is picky around here)
  • Brilliant words, quotation, poem, song lyrics

Classroom project #2 for summer of 2014 was a fast one!

Using my pencil, I drew wavy lines across the canvas from left to right. These would be my guiding lines for writing the words from the poem. If I am not in the mood to use my writing script, I like to go into Word and find a font I feel comfortable replicating. I type in the text I am using, print it off, and use it as a guide when I’m penciling on the canvas.

Okay. So, assuming you know what you’re doing for the font, write the words onto the canvas. If I noticed things were not working out with fitting the words where I wanted them, I simply adjusted my guiding lines as I worked.

If I were to do this project again, I would paint a light shade of green where the white is on my picture.

Next, I traced my letters with Sharpie. Use your imagination here. If there are words that stand out to you, then use a bold color to make it pop. Or you can be boring and use black for all of them.

If you are horrible at figuring out which words to highlight/bold, look at your nouns, adjectives, and verbs.

Now to paint around the quotation. Note to the Wise: Don’t paint over your lettering with the acrylics! See that part where it says “Invitation” in my picture? Yep. Screwed that up. Remember when I messed up with the newspaper on the previous project?  Yeah. Trust me.

Remember that my classroom is mostly blues and greens, so I went with swirling a variety of blues and greens all over that canvas. I worked in the same direction as the waves of letters.

Let the whole thing dry.

Go back and paint over any ugly areas. If you don’t have any ugly areas, then you’re a better person than me and you can move on to painting the edges of the canvas. I simply dipped my brush in different blues and greens and made random stripes around the edge (you can’t see this in the picture, silly).

Let it dry.

Take your nifty glitter paint and paint over the whole canvas. It may look white at first, but as long as you found one that is a clear base, you’ll be fine.

Let it dry.

Spray it or paint it with some type of acrylic protectant (no, spell-checker, I don’t mean Protestant).

Let it dry.

All done!

Hang that puppy up and enjoy it.

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