30k Obligatory Celebration


More confetti! Over 30,000 words so far… but now I’m starting to fall behind. Eek!

But here’s another sampling of what I wrote about one minute ago. Enjoy.


“Why don’t you just walk the way God made you?”

If it weren’t for her galaxy leggings and tunic sweater, I would push her down and tell her to shut up before I made her shut up for good. But I stood there, staring at the way stardust cradled her knee caps, unable to move.

“Well?” she insisted. Her high-pitched and overly-invasive voice made me want to throttle her. But the fact that she was talking with me and not at me melted away all my annoyance.

Haddie was still Hadley on the second annual James clan winter ski-trip extraordinaire. Friendship’s insecurity-stripping sandpaper and stupidity’s once-in-a-lifetime moments are the birthplaces of nicknames, and Hadley would remain Hadley for a little while longer.

“Because I can’t.” We didn’t have to stare dumbly at my leg braces to know they were there, hiding beneath my patched-knees, hand-me-down jeans.

“My daddy says that anything’s possible if you try hard enough. Maybe if you take them off and practice, you’ll get used to them,” she offers.

And it sounded like a good idea at the time, but anything sounds decent enough when you’re eight-years old and the cute girl in pigtails believes in you. She could have said she believed in my ability to successfully walk on a moonbeam and I would have tried.


Happy National Novel Writing Month.

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