Ode on a Piss-Filled Jar. A Poem.



In deviating from my normal novel writing and writing blog, I have penned a poem (with the help of another amazing writer). I was so inspired by the above-picture that I had to write a poem in dedication. This goes to the overly-ambitious crafters everywhere. Although this is reminding me of a news story some years back about an artist… http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2012/sep/28/andres-serrano-piss-christ-new-york


Ode on a Piss-Filled Jar


Kerr jar of piss and yellow nastiness,

       Viscous memories held in the blazing sun;

   Conspiring with Martha how to load and bless

       With images the jars that round my dining room run;

   To bend with delicacy the horror-show photos,

       And fill all glass with rankness to the top;

         To fill the Ball, and seal the gold lids

       With a separate band; crafting never stops,

   And still more, more herbs held in pee,

 Until one thinks memory jars will never cease,

         For canning has o’er-run my crafty hell.

Author’s Note: My apologies to John Keats and his posterity. It could be worse… it could have been “Ode on a Grecian Urn”…



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