“How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” – Book Review of FIX YOU by Beck Anderson


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So, I have this amazing friend whose book was published this week. And while I can admit that I don’t normally read romance-ish-ly or kinda-lovey-dovey books (I haven’t read the naughty books since Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy – I think that book actually counted as sex ed for me), and I may not have picked this book up on my own, I am so glad to have seen this book transform from an idea, through editing, and into publication. 

Let me clarify. This genre is NOT in my normal reading repertoire. But having read Anderson’s book, I am a changed reader. There are gems hidden out there, people! And this is one of them! 

It’s not a romance novel, but it has a love story.

It is not 50 shades of anything except excellent writing.

It makes you think about life, relationships, letting go, letting people in…

It’s smart.

It’s funny.

It’s quirky at times.

It’s real.

But it’s also that fantasy, dream-come-true love scenario.

Still not convinced?

Here’s my “official” review…

From its crisp and witty dialogue to its tender scenes of love and understanding, FIX YOU by Beck Anderson is a must read. Follow Kelly Reynolds’ journey through healing, forgiveness, and love. After the death of her husband and burying herself in trying to be the best mom for her boys, Kelly finds love in the unlikeliest of places. During vacation on one of many cathartic runs.

But can a person who seems emotionally broken truly find love again? And what does a girl do when her new-found love life includes a dream-come-true relationship with A-list movie star, Andy Pettigrew?

A secret relationship, a snippy clothes-hanger-sized co-star, celebrity relationship clauses, and a boisterous agent are only the beginning of Kelly and Andy’s complications.

I’ll leave the rest for you to discover.

And perhaps Kelly can even tell Barry Gibb a thing or two.  


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