Generation Abyss

ImageI have hit that point. That point where you look at yourself in the mirror and realize you are getting older. Fast. And if I am being absolutely honest about it, I usually notice my age in the least likely of places.

For example, riding in the car with the kiddos and dropping off my daughter’s friend at her house after she spent the night. They are ages ten and nine.

And they squeal at the very idea of One Direction. 1D. Or whatever you call them. No big D.

At any rate, there was about thirty minutes where I was Nice Mom. It was on the border of being Cool Mom, but I may never reach that pinnacle. Yes, I allowed the girls to rock out to One Direction–after all, I already know the words to almost every song since they tend to blast from the boombox in my daughter’s room (is it even called a boombox anymore?) and my one-year old son does not know better. So, we were content to let them listen to their music.

And, boy, is it obvious that One Direction has songwriters. (Googling will also let you know that most of their songs are written by someone else – no surprise there, and nothing new)

I quote from the soon-to-be-a-classic “Gotta Be You”:

“Can we fall, one more time?
Stop the tape and rewind”

Wait a minute. I gotta stop this song and rewind.


As in, compact cassette tape? As in, VHS? As in, these-boys-know-nothing-of-the-beta-v-vhs-battles?

Weren’t the last VCRs produced in 2008? Okay, so the boys may know a little about VHS tapes. They probably remember having their hands slapped while chewing on their mom’s tape of Interview with a Vampire.

However, I am sure that my daughter (and many of 1D’s other fans) does not really know about those types of tapes, and if she does, I would probably have to clarify that I was not referring to Scotch tape.

It reminds me of when I had to explain a typewriter to my students–they were so fascinated by such a machine. There were a few in the class who were excited to share that their grandparents had an old electric typewriter in their basement. Yes, the electric ones are old.

Which brings me to my point. I’m feeling the generation abyss approaching.

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