ABNA 2nd Round, Here I Come

2012 is my first year entering the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award–I told myself I would be happy with the results if I made it past the first round. Lucky for me, Sidhe’s Call has made it past the initial round of 5K entries being cut to 1k–all judged based on the pitch (similar to a query). Thankfully, I had some amazing friends help edit my original pitch, and I have to give them some credit for my idea making it to the second round of judging, but from here on out, it’s all about the MS.


Now my work heads to the second round where 1k entries will be cut to 250–1/4 chance of making it to the next round. This time, my 5k word excerpt will be judged against the other thousand young adult novel entries–which makes me a bit nervous. But I’ve made it this far, right?


Reflecting on the process reminds me of how frustrating the writing business can be for those of us aspiring to share our art. However, all writers must take their small achievements in stride and let it feed the beast that continues to wake up early with cloudy eyes and a swimming head to write a few words on the page. I am amazed at the tenacity of writers who are constantly rejected but still manage to pull it together and keep pursuing their passion.


So for now, I will celebrate this tiny victory and wait for my future rejection–and I am not saying that as a pessimist who does not believe in herself. I consider myself more of a realist who weighs the odds and lives with her toes dug into the sand. After all, I’ve always tried to live by the idea of hope for the best but expect the worst because then when good things happen, one cannot help but be ecstatic.

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