Hidden Sidhe

After a lazy morning of sipping Pero, eating a couple of old-fashioned donuts, and feeling the baby kick, I decided to put the final touches on book number two in The Keening Trilogy. Yes, I had planned on releasing book two right around Christmas, but I simply could not finish the edits needed in time. With that now finished, I have uploaded the ms, which is currently awaiting review with amazon. However, it should be ready for purchase within the next few days–at least the e-book version. Print will take a bit longer due to the approval process, but I will update all fans as soon as I know the book is available in paperback.

So, what else am I busy with this week? Besides the everyday stresses of educating over one-hundred teens, I am also preparing to enter book one, Sidhe’s Call, into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

See my page on current projects/books to read a brief description of Hidden Sidhe and view the cover!

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