Well, it is that time of year, and I am not talking about department stores playing Christmas music before the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s National Novel Writing Month (aka NANO)! I have participated in NANO during previous years, but last year I took a break to work on editing and rewriting Sidhe’s Call. It was a much-needed break from the craziness that is the month of furious writing.

With book two in the Keening Trilogy, Hidden Sidhe, out for editing with my best editors, I decided that it would be an excellent year to jump back into the mayhem. Besides, my writing group gals are highly competitive and made me want to kick their butts (or at least write a ton while trying).

So, for NANO 2011, I am working on the third book in the Keening Trilogy, momentarily titled Rising Sidhe. By the end, I will most likely rename the third and final book in the Sidhe tales, but it works for now to have a working title.

This year has been much easier to write than previous years. I believe this has to be due to my investment in the series, previously built characters and world, and the drive to finish the trilogy. While I am not currently writing any pages that use the old characters, the world and ideas are so familiar and exciting that I find myself writing whole chapters with ease. I know this is a bit braggadocious, but I have to express how pleased I am with the process!

In my other years when I have participated, I did not finish the books which I started with NANO. I may have reached the 50k word mark, but I left the books on my flash drive, waiting for another day and another time of inspiration. I have not given up on those pieces. In fact, some of them still nag at me to get back to them, but it is great to have a year where I know where I am going and have an end goal in mind. This year will not be a throw away book!

My hope is that all of my loyal fans are excited to hear the news about book three! Book two will be released in December, so be on the look for a preview of the cover art and an excerpt prior to release.

Happy writing! Happy Thanksgiving! I am truly grateful for all of my many blessings.

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