Back to School

Well, I was at work until 6:00 tonight–photocopying, organizing, and triple-checking I have everything ready for school to begin again. I suppose the extra time put in will help me sleep tonight and hopefully ward off the First-Day-of-School-Nightmares. I can’t wait to meet the kids, but it’s the prep stuff that bogs me down. However, Spock is in place and dust-free, new pictures are in my family frames, new laminated signs adorn the walls, and I have an awesome new LCD Projector on my ceiling! Even though I have so much more work to do in the next few weeks, I feel this is a good start to a great year.
I hope.


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2 responses to “Back to School

  1. Which direction does Spock face?

  2. Spock faces. . . east. 🙂 He stares over the children, creeping them out all period long.

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