Process. . . Process. . .

Twenty chapters complete in a first draft of the sequel to Sidhe’s Call, Keening Trilogy. Ten more to go! Yeah!
In the last book, I tended to write rather linear, going from one plot point to the next. Later, I would go back and rearrange, delete, and edit the crap out of it. But with this book it’s a bit different. I know where the characters are going—at least with the main plot points—but I’m having a lot of fun changing small details, inserting new chapters, and developing characters even further.
The writing process has been much different this time. If I find myself getting stuck, I go forward and write a later chapter, and this seems to work rather well in that it allows me to see where I’m going and work out what earlier chapters should include. (Works great with the mystery going on in the book). Yeah, maybe other authors already do this, but I like thinking on paper (or computer) to myself.
As far as secondary characters, Hector is still one of my favorite characters, but Quinn Is a close second. I can’t wait to finish what I have planned for both!
Wish me luck in finishing the rough draft MS by the middle of September!

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