If All I Do…

A Note: Education has been a hot topic during the last week–especially for teachers like me in Idaho. I saw someone with a similar concept written somewhere among the myriad of commentary, and the thought stuck with me. So I wrote it according to the terms of my reality.

In my thirty-two years of living, I have often heard some people say that all teachers do is babysit. So, having thought about this long and hard, I’ve decided that I AM a “babysitter”, and as a babysitter, I would like to be paid like one.

 How much do you pay the neighbor’s kid who watches your darling little Johnny when you and your spouse go out for the evening? Three-dollars per hour? For a five hour date, that would come out to fifteen dollars for the evening. Not a bad deal for watching movies, making dinner, and putting the kiddo to bed. That’s a whole lot cheaper than paying minimum wage.

 Let’s apply this to our hypothetical classroom filled with “eighteen” hypothetical teens – eighteen is the magical ratio, according to Idaho State Superintendent Luna. For the one-and-a-half hours that I “babysit” these kids, I would be paid (based on babysitter wages) $81! Wow. That’s a whole lot more than minimum wage. Plus, when I “babysit,” I throw in this little thing we call “education.” Not too bad for $3 per hour. We’ll assume my preparatory period is akin to the babysitter’s downtime when the kids have gone to bed—it’s the time allotted to clean up messes, make sure the house is in order, and keep watch over a soundly sleeping Johnny.

 Based on my new babysitter wage, I would make $486 in a single day (assuming I’m only working six hours). Multiply that by the 180 days that school is in session and that would total $87,480! If I worked five days a week every week of the year, this would come out to $126,360!

 Now, since Mr. Luna is planning on increasing class sizes by a mere 1.5-1.75 students, this would result in an increase in pay.

 So, if all I do is babysit, I suppose someone better start paying me like one.

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